Today, MOONSTORM is 10 days old. What a momentous week it has been for us all the MOONSTORM community. The MOONSTORM community has shown great resilience, dedication and shown excitement towards our project. We at the MOONSTORM team thought it was a great time to recap our accomplishments of the week gone by and also provide an update to our MOONSTORM community of some of our near term plans to look forward to.

Starting with some numbers, in the last week, the MOONSTORM community has surpassed 18,000 holders and the telegram group surpassed 3,000 members. A very big thank you to the amazing MOONSTORM community that has shown some extra ordinary resilience and stuck around with MOONSTORM in what was a roller-coaster of a week, cherishing every single moment in the first week of MOONSTORM.

In the week gone by . . .

We held two very successful community contests, the first was a slogan contest and the second was a logo contest both of which with a very healthy rewards for the community. The top prize monies of these contests were up to 2 BNB which in itself is unheard off for such contests in the crypto space. We will continue to engage with our amazing community and have more contests in the coming weeks so stay tuned to our twitter account and our telegram group where such announcements will be made.

We released the MOONSTORM v2 website with an updated roadmap on new goals that the team has set. However this is still a work in progress website and the website will be constantly updated and aim to be the go-to resource for the MOONSTORM community.

We had two popup very successful voice AMA’s in our own telegram group and engaged with our community answering a number of questions that our community had for us. It was an great experience for us all engaging with our community in this manner and we hope to continue doing such popup AMA’s in our own telegram group to keep the community appraised on our plans. We are also working with some very large AMA’s groups and hope to be able to do formal AMA’s which will be coming up soon so stay tuned.

We commenced a major marketing push and have partnered with several crypto influencers who truly believe in the potential of MOONSTORM and talk about it to their respective communities. However we are encouraged to note that the word is getting out there and more and more crypto influencers from all over the world are picking up on us and reaching out to us seeking to partner with us and making recommendations about us to their respective communities. We are being very actively promoted by a number of crypto influencers in their respective Telegram/Twitter/YouTube/TikTok profiles. We are clearly seeing the results of such marketing effort in the form of a growing Moon Storm community and increasing MOONSTORM token price.

We are encouraged by the MOONSTORM community shilling on the various platforms and wish to mention a special thank you to the community that have been shilling MOONSTORM. We also wish to mention a special thank you to Crypto Lightsaber, the first crypto influencer who spotted our potential on the day of our release and put out a YouTube video recommending MOONSTORM to the community that set us up for this exciting journey.

This is only just the beginning of our marketing push as we continue to more aggressively push forward with our marking plans and promise to leave no stone unturned to get the word out there.

This is still just the very beginning of MOONSTORM and we are only a week into making so hop on and strap on for an exciting and profitable journey.

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