What a week it has been for is all. The least to say is that it was eventful.

The community proposed that we provide a weekly progress update and this is the first of such a weekly progress report.


We started the week continuing with our marketing and brought in some new investors which even reflected on the token price. However we found that a large whale wallet that has been constantly selling for a while dumped ad reversed all of the marketing efforts. Fair do to anyone that wants to sell given that we have seen a pattern of a dump followed by every marketing campaign we have decided to change our marketing strategy. Our marketing agency that has over 500 clients mostly in the crypto projects advised us to concentrate on the product and the roadmap and go for a marketing push alongside news worthy of announcement so the marketing complements the price sensitive news. We concur with their advice as we already announced this will be our marketing strategy going forward.

Moonstorm Store development:

As per my previous announcement SN will be dedicated to leading the Moonstorm Store development. We will look to release to the community tangible development artefact's to show the progress of this development.

We are very pleased to confirm that we have just concluded a deal and secured a premium domain which we feel is very appropriate to the Moonstorm shop application that is currently under development.


We had a an excellent call with our Marketing partners this morning who as we already confirmed have resubmitted our CMC ad CG listing applications. Our marketing partners are are very confident about our listings and have a lot of experience dealing with CMC and CG listings. They are currently dealing with 184 such listings and said they just had 4 of their clients listed today. Although we have indicative timescales we would not like to raise hopes of the community sharing indicative timescales purely because we are dependent on a third party here and don’t feel it is appropriate for us to give out firm timescales. It will be true to say that we will be beating our timescales for these listings as per our Roadmap.

Regarding CEX listings, although we already have a proposal for listing from Whitebit from before we started working with out marketing partner, they offered to assist in the CEX listing as well and may well be able to us get in at discounted rates. Our marketing partner also suggested Probit as an option for CEX listing because they have very close ties with Probit. Hence we will be receiving listing proposals for both Probit and Whitebit from our marketing partner and look forward to progress these along before they are due per our Roadmap.

Telegram chat:

Although we have a number of Admins and Moderators always available on the telegram chat leaving the core team to concentrate to delivering the roadmap and the product, we understand that the community would like to see more of a DEV presence in the telegram chat. Hence the DEV has decided to be on the telegram chat more often among other duties that the DEV already performs.


I along with some assistance from the community members and the co-founder will work completing the draft white-paper and will publish the same as soon as it is complete.


W appreciate out twitter profile has not been as active as would have liked it to be but appreciate those that have added tweets tagging us as well as influencers in the same tweet. This is a community project and you he community are our biggest ambassadors and we really appreciate the effort of certain members of the community who have gone beyond the call of duty to assist the team. We will also be recruiting a person dedicated to handling Twitter updates and to keep our Twitter profile more livelily.


We conducted one AMA earlier in the week and will look to conduct another one soon. We will continue to conduct AMA’s once or twice a week.

Any Other Business:

We finalized the logo from the logo contest. A set of updates were pushed through the website but we have more to follow. We have submitted the updated logo to BSC Scan as well as put in an application for our logo to appear on Trust wallet. The pricing on trust wallet will start appearing once we are listed on CG / CMC. Due to the recent events we proposed a reduced give-away for those that participated in the TikTok competition and will finalize this soon.



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